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Our colleague Angel Toscano receiving the awards
The X Edition of TodoPapas’ National Awards has been really succesful & special for Laboratorios BABÉ, whose Eau de Cologne has been twice awarded.[...]
Don’t allow the changing seasons to weaken your hair. With the appropriate treatment you can protect and strengthen the root throughout the year.[...]
Imexfar, who distributes the brand in Bolivia, presents BABÉ at the country’s most important trade fair.[...]
Silver Prize BABÉ Pediatric Moisturising Body Milk
This product from the Pediatric Line won the Silver Prize at the 2014 iDermo Awards. This award is voted by Spanish consumers and professionals from the pharmaceutical sector.[...]
For years, thousands of parents have placed their trust in BABÉ, this trust has now been validated by the decision of a panel of professionals from the Childcare sector.[...]
Both the player from the Spanish National Team and the participants were delighted to protect their skin with BABÉ Sunscreens.[...]
Exclusive case that contains indispensable products for the care of the houses’ little ones. It also contains a cute rubber duck ideal for playtime in the bath, the most fun time of the day. [...]
BABE’s Tinted Facial Sunscreen SPF50+ wins Prize voted by consumers
Spanish model and actress Mar Saura, host of the TodoPapás Awards 2014, presented BABÉ with the Prize for the Best Sunscreen for Mothers & Pregnant women, voted for by more than 5,000 consumers.[...]

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Doble triunfo para el Agua de Colonia BABÉ

La X Edición de los premios nacionales TodoPapás ha sido todo un éxito para Laboratorios BABÉ. [...]

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